Tön Vangard Film

February 7, 2017

Julia Brendel participated in a project run by the Tön Vangard, top designer hair stylists in Barcelona, Spain. Watch the film on YouTube >



We were asked to choose a fabric from our collection to create two dresses: one in an historical, baroque inspired style and the second in a modern form. The idea was to create a film that would act as a quick allegory to the history of fashion and also feature as an unique advertisement of Tön Vangard hair salon. The collaboration resulted in this dream-like film with romantic scenes, where a girl is dressed in two different dresses made off the same fabric, although the style changes across the centuries. She equally belongs to the ‘then’ as she does to the ’now’.” ÉTOFFE in Spanish means fabric or fine tissue.


Images from the film set featuring from the top Director: Grégoire Thiry, Starring: Aida Flix , Fashion Designer: Darío Marquez, Creative Director: Raul Cabello and myself.


Based on Hungarica Red/Gold fabric by Julia Brendel. 


Director: Grégoire Thiry
Starring: Aida Flix
Producer: Óscar Gutiérrez
Creative Director: Raul Cabello
Fashion Designer: Darío Marquez
Make-up Artist: Adrian Ruiz
Hair and Make-up: Ardiel Herreaz
Hair Stylist: Aurora Ponce
Stylist Assistant: Alberto Palleja



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