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A Quick Guide to the Julia Brendel Table Linen Collection

Hungarica Tablecloth In Gold/White and Gold Plain Napkins

We have designed our range of tablecloths to bring you the very best in quality fabrics, manufacturing traditions and colour to ensure we have something for every occasion.

Here is our guide to help you make the right choice.

The Julia Brendel linen collection is woven on traditional jacquard looms in Poland. The technology is almost the same as over two hundred years ago when the machine was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard.

What is so fantastic about jacquard woven textiles is that unlike print, the fabric is reversible. It is often possible to use the right and the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric, giving two possible looks.

Taking advantage of a long tradition and deep knowledge of Polish Weavers, our tablecloths are beautifully made. Rustic and elegant at the same time, they evoke charm of a bygone era. With a modern twist on traditional design, they also fit perfectly well in our 21st century homes and gardens.

Whether dining in or out, or having a picnic on a beach, the tablecloths are a pretty and a practical essential in every household.

Julia Brendel tablecloths are made out of natural, plant derived fibres: linen (flax) and cotton, which if cared for properly, will last to be passed to future generations.

Following some of our clients’ most popular questions, we decided to write a quick guide to our table linen, the inspiration behind the patterns and the best way to care for them.


Nostalgia Inspired by beautiful details of folk costumes and linen across Eastern Europe, this design is imitating the old embroidering cross-stitch method, Skilfully woven, the rustic tablecloths add a touch of country chic, character and a colour to the home.

Nostalgia Tablecloth in Blue and White

This design is available in:


Hungarica The pattern was inspired by 19th Century Hungarian embroidered tablecloths, home furnishings and folk costumes. We offer our own traditional Jacquard version of beautiful motifs arranged in classic vertical stripes.

Hungarica Tablecloth and Napkin in Cranberry

This design is available in:

They can be used on either side (if you take the labels off!)

50%Cotton/50% Linen

Matches with the Plain Gold Napkin and Cranberry Napkin

Hungarica Lavender and Sky tablecloths are made in a slightly lighter weight of pure linen and thus are ideal for warmer season entertaining, in or out of doors.

Arabica Inspiration for this design came from rich patterns of textiles, architectural details and beautifully patterned tiles in The Middle East. The design was created to celebrate this highly complex and diversified culture, created in a contemporary style in natural colourways to suit modern homes.

Julia Brendel Linen Arabica in Desert

The design is available in:

Charcoal (grey), Mosque (blue) and Desert (cream) -made of 100% cotton with a plain border.

These tablecloths are made of a sumptuous heavy weight fabric, finished with a wide plain border matching the colour of the tablecloth. The border makes these tablecloths fully reversible. We find that the tablecloths are also great used as picnic rugs or a sofa/bed cover and also look absolutely stunning hung on a wall behind a bed or a couch.


Caring after my table linen:

How to wash my tablecloth?

All our table linen can be washed in a washing machine.

The manufacturer’s advice is to wash in up to 40C but we find it is better to limit it to 30C to avoid shrinkage.

All our table linen fabrics went through a process of SANFORIZING but with the nature of flax and cotton they can shrink by about 3%-5% in a first wash.

Sanforizing is a finishing process of treating fabrics to prevent the normal dimensional alternation of warp and weft. It is also called anti-shrinkage finishing process.

Drying the tablecloth:

It is best to hang a washed tablecloth to let it dry naturally. Also it will make it much easier to iron the linen if it is still slightly damp. If your tablecloth dries completely before you have had a chance to iron it, just spray it with some water prior to ironing.

Measuring for your tablecloth:

Depending on the look you are after, you can go for a shorter, more contemporary or traditional, longer overhang. In either case it is a good idea to go for a slightly bigger size to include a possible shrinkage of the fabric.

Julia Brendel Hungarica Pure Linen in Sky


Gift for life:

We strongly believe in manufacturing things to last. In these times when mass production of cheap and short-lived goods is the norm, it is important to think of our Planet.

Our tablecloths are fully recyclable. Unlike paper, the textile napkins are reusable and they are not adding to environmental waste!

Ecological TIPS:

If you accidentally damage your tablecloth, do not throw it away! We can help you arrange to have it made into napkins, a table runner, a kitchen towel or a cushion cover. You can also use it for any other crafty project. Why not make a lavender bag or a Christmas stocking! Recycling and up-cycling is great for creativity too!

Napkins made to order for a client.

Because of the long lasting properties of linen, tablecloths and napkins also make beautiful gifts.

We especially like the idea of linen as a wedding gift. It carries some nostalgia of old times’ bottom drawer’, when women stored some household linen in preparation for their marriage.

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